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The Beauty In All

by Oddisee

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About "The Beauty In All"

"The Beauty In All is about the flaws & mistakes that give life its character and worth - how even ignorance can give light to knowledge. For me, not knowing how to do something & still trying is a process that helped my production style evolve. If everything we are is out in perfect tutorials, we might never deviate from the teacher. This record is dedicated to imperfection and the sense of pride & accomplishment we get from our struggles. Hopefully, you listen to this record, reflect on the ups & downs of life, and see the beauty in all."

About "Tangible Dream" (The Mixtape)
I live in a gentrified part of Brooklyn, I eat out several times a week, I travel the world sampling the best that cities across the globe have to offer. Do I live in a penthouse loft? Am I dinning in five stars restaurants? Can you only find me in the most exclusive areas? Do I own a jet? The answer to all the above is most certainly no. I’m just a regular man from Prince George’s county, Maryland that figured shit out.

I discovered that I can make a career in an arena dominated by artists that sell false dreams. I realized that although the masses may not know of my body of work, it doesn’t take the whole world to have the world I want. Tangible Dream is a mix-tape dedicated to the deconstruction of our traditional ideas of success & shedding light on the possibility of a sustainable rap life.

These rhymes were written in economy class seats, these beats were produced on long bus trips & these songs were recorded in airbnb apartments. All I want to do is make music for a living so that I can live to make music. The only dreams I’m interested in are the ones I can grasp. It just so happens that anything you want bad enough can be obtained. Perhaps the world may never know of my accomplishments but accomplishments they are nonetheless.


released 30 September 2013
Produced by Oddisee

From The Mello Music Group Instrumental Series



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Track Name: Tangible Dream (Tangible Dream)
I got dreams of being a rich nigga/ a wealthy man is to grand to fit in the big picture/ & being
broke ain't even in the scope/ so what's the plan/ I started thinking like really though, what does
money get you/ a lot of flights & a lot of nights with some loose women/ a lot of hype is it really
worth it, the truth's pending/ & I ain't waiting until the verdict is out/ I'm trying to be what I heard
I'm about/ & that's me/ that's something you don't see because fronting is what we are use to/
well guess I'm out this mother fucker looking like the future/ black man in Norway it's not another
prejudice/ while you can had your preference i'ma be black all day/ i'ma be out on broadway with
hands full of bags/ & can't get a fucking cab though the color of my cash/ is the same green as
yours am I angry of course/ but can't nothing detained me from my cause/
This is a tangible dream/ they try to tell you that it's not but that's apart of the scheme/
My old soul remains forever young / i've done it all & still i'm doing shit that I a'int ever done/ &
that depends on your definition of winning/ I ain't start it from the bottom I started from the
beginning/ born up in uptown, PG is where I lived/ slept in a dresser draw when we couldn't
afford a crib/ parents got a divorce my father got him a biz/ my mother remained poor & I was
caught in the mix/ now I'm eating fried chicken while talking bout philosophy / debate the
economy while clogging up my arteries/ I'm ghetto bouchee nigga so all that shit is apart of me/
gave a nigga an inch when all i want is yard see/ poverty under palm trees/ chilling near a grave
& the grove is with arms reach/ but thanks to gravity apples is on the ground/ & I use my GPS for
the scrounge/ show what I already found/
So what are you bitching about/ niggas want to ball with the players & mad they sitting out/ I
mean at least you have a chair yet you stand for nothing/ you'll fall for anything focused on never
missing out/
You know it's fall, I got the layers all sticking out/ wax cotton on the jacket like I'm rabbit hunting/
gentry, on a bike passing your Bentley/ cycling with a broad while your passenger seat is empty/
lord, she say I'm different I take her to do nice things/ please move your vehicle out of the fucking
bike lane/ ain't nothing worse than being dissed by a smug nigga/ I have fun with you non
articulate thug niggas/ my sarcasm is waisted in conversations/ I say shit see the delay & then
all I get is a what nigga/ friends of mine stay mad that they never made it/ the saddest state of
affairs cause they haven't covered the basics/ go on a couple tours, sleep on a couple floors/
when the floors ain't available van seats galore/ transform your biggest haters in to supporters/
then have some of your supporters debate you like you in office/ lets make it a little awkward mix
your personal with business/ that shit done turned angels into witches I done witnessed/ see,
where ever you run the drama will come to visit/ but if it never feels like drama then you get it/
Track Name: Yeezus Was A Mortal Man (Tangible Dream)
I know that Yeezus was a mortal man/ & HOV ain't Jahova just a normal man/ you see we all
lambs to the slaughter/ we all die but some die harder/ which one are you, either you're a runner
or run shit/ you a fetcher or you summon shit/ & I'm in the definition of a martyr let my name live
on/ As the king without the a throne with all the honor/
I been in this game for years, it made me intelligent/ stupid niggas fade into irrelevance/I'm
permanently settled in like melanin, adimentium skeleton/ & sickness immune to modern
medicine/ fighting ancient evils on the steeples & pulpits/ but now a days, we call it beefing,
drama & bullshit/ most of these niggas half man but the full bitch/ wolves on full moons that's
only useful for smelling scents/ me I'm a predator & I'm telling you get the fuck from around me/
for the find you in the bushes with hell of dents/ this blood sport y'all only bleeding between the
legs/ & I'm in no need of eggs my lady got full hips/ I'm after the presidents representing the
Capitol/ any rapper from my residence I promise I'm better than/ citizen of the globe any place
that I ever been/ I pissed on, that was for the wolves get a full sniff/
I know that Yeezus was a mortal man/ & HOV ain't Jahova just a normal man/ you see we all
lambs to the slaughter/ we all die but some die harder/ which one are you, either you're a runner
or run shit/ you a fetcher or you summon shit/ & I'm in the definition of a martyr let my name live
on/ As the king without the a throne with all the honor/
Niggas want to bring the 90's back/ I'm still using 70's slang, that shit behind me jack/ Born in the
80's Ronald Reagan try to slide me crack/ The walking dead was hunted by Feds, yo where the
lively at/ Out of trouble & on the hustle where I be at/ I live within the jungle & on the humble the
silent cat/ louder the lion the louder the lying/ the closer you niggas get to death to death the
louder you crying/ holler at me, won't get a response I'm over seas/ when the phone tone change
then I'm gone you know the steez/ Islam salaam is the belief/ it ain't synonymous with bombs but
I'm, one over beats/ know you can't box with odd your arms will never reach/ so trying to talk to
god the odds you'll never speak/ but you could start by washing both of your feet & praying with
open hands/ & bending both of your knees/
I know that Yeezus was a mortal man/ & HOV ain't Jahova just a normal man/ you see we all
lambs to the slaughter/ we all die but some die harder/ which one are you, either you're a runner
or run shit/ you a fetcher or you summon shit/ & I'm in the definition of a martyr let my name live
on/ As the king without the a throne with all the honor/
See now a days we worship the stars/ that do nothing to deserve the applause/ that they receive,
we huddle below the bar sub par is the new degree/ with the artists that's out now guess it
mustn't be hard to reach/ if anybody come even close to being a beast/ they see them selves as
god or regard them selves as the chief/ the streets is hungry for kings, the kings are hunting for
rings/ my nigga I don't wear jewelry so fuck who rocking a chain/ I'm just rocking a beat, mo I'm
just doing my thing/ making money from rapping who claiming that talk is cheap/ but record
sales & talent were never one in the same/ I'd be running the game if that rule were ever to
change/ but this a tangible dream & I don't do it for fame/ I just do it for heads, I just do it for
bread/ I don't do it for names, fuck who standing in line/ focusing in the guest list/ I'm focused on
my set list/
Track Name: Killing Time (Tangible Dream)
PG raised Me, DC made, NY paid me all around the globe/ my crew crazy, do it on a daily/
what's that, hustle, y'all already know/ I be on the grind like I'm running out if time/ but I'm doing
what I love so the clock move slow/ murder isn't a crime when you're just killing time/ Go
Grew up on that rapalot
grew up on that native tongues/ beats be like I trap allot, rhymes like all
I say son/ that's DC though, we made them one, that's 95 north & south/ in the middle of the
drive where I reside is what I'm talking about, lets take a ride, walk about let's take a ride/ where I
learned to rhyme these learned niggas to aim/ we target minds we target brains/ & we grip the
chrome, be a microphone/ or that other thing it be all the same/ allot of rappers came allot of
rappers left & the possessions stayed see when into theft/ no referees & that call was made/ all
that balling's played & we intercept/ & hand the drink tickets to my niggas in club/ cause I don't
sip nothing unless it's coming in mug/ no I ain't without a vice, always doing what you like got a
price to quite like any other drug/ no I didn't go to Howard & I never wished I had/ no I wasn't on
the ave & I wasn't in a class/ but I was in a lab turning music into math/ in the dorm rooms too & I
ain't never have a pass/ where 16th & Euclid meet, high fructose she super sweet/ in Tenley
town Maggiano's/ then Georgetown for the movie seat/ This new school & that old too/ eating
organic with a gold tooth/ getting ignorant like no school/ thought the world I'm, exposed too/
PG raised Me, DC made, NY paid me all around the globe/ my crew crazy, do it on a daily/
what's that, hustle, y'all already know/ I be on the grind like I'm running out if time/ but I'm doing
what I love so the clock move slow/ murder isn't a crime when you're just killing time/ Go
Woke up out in Moscow, fell asleep in reckjevic/ wrote that verse while on the plane/ tell your
man to send the check/ drive me to my hotel, make a beat along the way/ been put that in your
Dropbox, why you take so long to pay/ wrote a song at sound check, interviews before the stage/
that's two countries, beats & rhymes, one show, a normal day/ what you call a hustle I call rest
time/ your deadline pushed & I need lest time/ I'm a man of the stars, relativity is law/ me &
Einstein learned how to stretch time/ science only answers how, religion only answers why/ the
two combined is the true design respect to God cause he drew the lines/ I'm tracing paper, I'm
chasing paper/ the world is & I'm going green/ ultra violets hit my eyelids, lime light
tanning on the scene/ my skin is bronze like Jesus feet/ my hair is wool my fleece is sheep/ the
skully's off & the album's/ & I'm ahead releasing heat/ like all the time, in the world I've got/ no
clock to watch, no need to speed/ I don't ask for it, I take my time/ & I want more than I could ever
Track Name: Own Appeal (Tangible Dream)
Then why does life feel like an educated guess &/ My thoughts are like meals I'm a sucker for
seconds/ impressions got allot of us stressing/ but how we are perceived is more about a
reflection/ & the reception warm that I receive/ which leads to believe these hoes like what I
heave/ Tall women in heels, tour money & deals/ off the no bull I like all money for real/ more
time aboard & less time at home/ less time for broads & more time in zones/ yeah, I'm in it while
flying out of another one/ This is a new beginning, I'm climbing out of the other one/ The dream
feel real'er than it ever been/ & I was aiming high like a nigga being president/the possibilities of
that are pretty evident/ so being self employed is not seeming like a definite/ But staying that way
is what I'm F'ing & like minded people are the only ones I'm messing with/
I'm trying to get mine in this life time/ the after life is much further in pipeline/
I'm in inclined to believe that but truth is, that for death, any moment is the right time/ so I live like
everyday is my last/ but I plan for tomorrow as if I will never pass/ A Pharoah on the subway/
who never had dreams of jets but fell asleep on run ways/ I just know that one day, that anything I
needed I could mold/ get everything you want it ain't always good for the soul/ a mix of self worth,
some help, a little control/ & I don't know the rest, good as mine is your guess/ the recipe ain't
the best, to make it though is our quest/ & if you choose to except, the meaning of life is yes/
cause only god knows, those of us in the flesh, get the privilege of test/ some will fail & some
will pass/ we all get the same grade though when we run the path/ but how you grade your self is
the mark that will matter most/ to separate the heart of the strong & the battered folks/ have a
Shit so real, I kill shit to live nigga, schizo feel/ I got a hunger for knowledge & I miss no meals/ I
stay high off life & I miss no pills/ I'm addicted to thrill of walking along the edge/ not knowing
what lys ahead but always knowing the deal/ I'm good with my decisions, the set backs & gains/
is all apart of the game, I'm ready to spin the wheel/ what ever is in store, I'm ready for, for sure/
the attitude of wealth with the gratitude of the poor/ the balance is the challenge & I sit so still/
between callous & analysis but this no frills/ I'm off the chain, been that way since slaves to flave/
from 93 till infinity I'm slated in ways/ that's etched in stone/ the age where we market out selves,
I'm still all about the music I don't monitor plays/ I don't monitor hits & I don't monitor clicks/ I
monitor the snare drum & the bottom of kicks/ is anybody left that still fuck with this true shit/ well
let me hear you scream over top of this CRU shit/
This so real, not knowing what's ahead but i'ma go there still/ living in the moment got a hopeless
feel/ but the feeling in itself got it's own appeal/ but I know, I'm attracted to the lights in the
distance/ the closer that I get & the brighter my wish gets/ excited by the risk & the chances
taken/ not sure what I'm putting my faith in/ but i'ma alright/
Track Name: The Goings On feat. Ralph Real (Tangible Dream)
I meant to call you the other day/ cause I saw this girl that resembled you on the boulevard/ &
she had that dress on you bought when we were in Monterey / but didn't do it justice, I guess she
thought she could pull it off/ It's been a minute since you updated page/ you was never into that,
guess I see you stuck to your ways/ remember when you called me to ask the meaning ratchet/ I
explained it then you asked me to use it within a phrase/ I saw it in the status of this chick &
started laughing/ you was always old fashion, I hope that you haven't change/ I hope you answer
my how you been with a can't complain/ any other response & I'll probably hop on a plane/
probably knock on your door, probably give you advice/ end up spending the night & then fall in
love with you twice/ yeah my phone bill's crazy from international roaming/ I just really had to ask
you how's it going/
I spent months avoiding you now/ we're on the same subway with our cordial smiles/ yeah I
heard you moved to Brooklyn, but I'm hardly in town/ I thought the odds of running into you we're
modest till now/ we living in the big apple on a small ass tree/ it's kind of hard to branch out within
this small scene/ so we bump into each other on platforms/ perfect platform to start discussing
why we more less beef/ i'ma blame on timing your school assignments & work/ but you put it all
on my end assumed I was doing dirt/ in the territory that I'm in, this is commonly with it/ women
found of me tempting my honesty yeah I get it/ communication is first & we pushed it to other
digits/ bringing to the front we can't front on the fact we didn't/ testament to resilience an ending's
a new beginning/ me, I'm just doing fine but it's you that forgot to mention/
I wrote these lyrics, knowing you won't respond/ but knowing that you'll hear it'll probably help
me move on/ I got some shit to say that I didn't say on the phone/ women good in the moment,
our thoughts take longer to form/ but now this shit is clear & I know that I did you wrong/ &
cowardly I was for the both of us you were strong/ I gave you poison when I should have went for
the throat/ but I was both your drug & your mechanism to cope/ look me analyzing us, that was
always your job/ my career was despising us & I was working hard/ your sense of entitled self
was the perfect match for my guilt/ I stayed in a situation I hated but couldn't help/ took a crack at
escaping, persuaded by you to say &/ jaded by our relations I waited for you to cave in/ I'm sure
you want some answers in need of an explanation/ my number still the same & I'm waiting/
promise I'll tell you/
Track Name: Be There (Tangible Dream)
I know I'm hardly ever home/ & it's hard to ever get me on the phone/ but you get me, I'll never
leave you alone/ you ain't with me but I got you/ I'll spot you if your money's ever low/ but kill all
that pride shit cause brothers don't hide shit/ different mothers never made us siblings divided/
our father taught us lessons through the way he provided/ when talking about bonds this as
strong as the tie gets/ what ever you choose in this life, I'm behind it/ shout out to my brothers
not related by blood/ some people think I made it, if it's true it's because/ I had a team when shit
got real, I doubted dreams/ they'd remind me it ain't as hard as it seems/i just hope that I can pay
them all back for the advice that they gave/ but will I ever match the price to be paid/ I don't know
but I'll spend my whole life trying to make things right/ if you need me, i'ma be within sight/
Crazy to be an older brother/ there's women but my sisters in the category other/ i guess I got a
fear of the shit that I did/ being done to them by some nigga they love dear/ I only hope that the
lessons that I gave them as kids/ stay with them in relationships & they know the biz/ cause y'all
are young women now & i see you as such/ no need to worry cause the cloth that we're cut
from's tough/ y'all troopers in the moment of clutch, don't ever give up/ but when things rough,
you know I'm there/ liver, heart or kidney know that you've got a spare/ I hope to be your role
model, a best friend & brother/ from the bottom of my heart, I love you/ the world is yours but
i'ma hold it till you're ready/ & hand it over to you when your situation's steady/ just finish college,
live a little, make some mistakes/ the type you bounce back from, no permanent aches/ & i got
you if it's ever more than you can take/
Track Name: Yeah & Nah (Tangible Dream)
I've been learning how to be quite/ I've been learning how to be violent/ have my demonstration in
silence/ or just end the waiting with riots/ put my business out in that street or be discreet with
mine & keep minding/ turn that cheek of mine & keep smiling/ or my peeps & I be wild'ing/ all
these rules are made for up holding, pick up pieces of them I broke &/ best protect my neck
cause inspector deck said they be out for your throat &/ I'm just breathing out in the open being
fresh is all that I know &/ just now learning bout discern & how we reap the gaurme we sewing/
Yeah my karma bad & I know it, any heart I've had, I stole it/ got a haunted past & a daunting task
of owning up to my colon/ any mess I made from a dress I dropped & the dresser top where I
left a note/ expressing why myself & I just shut the door & left the spot was definitely not/ the
smartest choice but heart & voice ain't eye to eye/ bird & bee sting ain't a you & thing/ just the
laws that this life applied/ that I'm living by & I'm getting by/ & this is why, I watch my back/ when
karma attacks I just want to be ready/ but ain't no preparing for that/
One eye always open, attentions undivided/focusing while y'all scoping in/ on the moves I make
cause I'm rising/ yeast flow from the east coast/ 3 piece flow this bespoke/ never off of
consignment, what y'all speak I don't be buying/
Judge a nigga off what he do, not what he say or who he with/ y'all talk but ain't even bout shit/ let
them keep gossiping, don't mind them/
Pathetic really find them/ cause their future seems behind them/ they mad at me cause gradually
presume with my inclining/ I got no choice, this all I know, this all I want, this all I do/ don't blame
me, you the man in the mirror & your fingers pointing, all at you/ while y'all was drinking &
smoking, I was thinking knowing this happen/ y'all was hoping for action, I was making so a ship
with a captan/ cutting out all the distractions/ can't make a living relaxing/ already learned,
nobody giving turns/ that is no question so I don't bother asking/ i'a just go the max & stay on the
path & burn this shit is lasting/ life is a test of your nerves/ & only a bitch would think I'm a
bastard, word/
Is all bout business, yes & no/
All for the music & lyrics, yes & no/
Do I fuck with niggas, yes & no/
Do I care about who gon hear this, yes & no/
Am I in it for the fame, yes & no/
Do I care if you know my name, yes & no/
& do I like to entertain, yes & no/
Am I really built for this game, yes & no/
Track Name: Interlude Flow (Tangible Dream)
I don't fret when I'm fronted on/ I'm a threat, I been a nigga, nigga wanted gone/ and if ya man hit
me first verse/ & hit you up after bet you ask him for another song/ I'm a nigga you put a 100 on/
if you didn't what went wrong/ lord knows you can't have the sweet without the bitter/ the nose
bleed seats will help you see the bigger picture/ & when you're on the floor the stage is where
you're trying to get to/ & when you're on the stage, staying there is what you wish for/ problems
is relative, whetherit's
a million or a dollar/ it's the fact you had to borrow that's the problem/
success is the same, what I may consider winning or gain/ some dismiss as I'm missing the
aim/ but the target ain't locked in, there's several options/ though indecisiveness try not to get
lost in/ I'm crazy with caution/
Track Name: Unfollow You feat. Olivier St Louis (Tangible Dream)
I wonder why I follow you/ we ain't really friends just pretend/ If these walls came down bet our
pants would follow suit/ know you got a man but then again I only know because a message that
you wrote that I responded to/ i'm digging you & it's more than just physical / can't describe it in
written form/ all I feel is I'm fond of you/ & if I had a chance I would take it/ I know you're feelings
are adjacent so quit your faking you're on it too/ lets rendezvous/ meet you down in the city lets
grab some coffee you with it/ than it's a date & we on a two/ damn it, I didn't plan it, you naked/
this vantage point is the greatest/ i'ma embrace lets form a group/ living within the moment,
dismissing patience, tensions building brake it, no delaying, we over due/ I'm holding you, dear to
me, near to me/ is where you should be/ I want you, you want it too/ lets just do what we're
gonna do/
We've been dating now for a while/ is this serious or we're pals/ with agreements to come
around when the sun is down/ another moon in my room guess it's safe to assume/ you're out
when the sun is back, you'll be back for another round/ I work from home, I'm around / I ain't
doing shit except for you & some music/ girl you my muse, you another sound/ like of it, love it
we ain't rushing the discussion on what we are is due, but we shut it down/ we're only human,
what we're doing/ got an ending for now we're pretending that it don't so lets fuck around/ let hit
the fan till we can't stand each other/ one of us fall in love but the other don't want it now/ we do
it, in the moment fully knowing this ain't cool but we're fools for each other so we something now/
good while it lasted, we turned my bed to a casket no longer under covers now we're
Track Name: Back Of My Mind feat. Paolo Escobard (Tangible Dream)
Welcome to the back of mine/ where the brain cells are chained cells, locked in solitary confine/
& I hope that they may never shine/ where the insane dwells is not a place for people, way to
lethal at times/see the demeanor I present you is kind/ but the truth is I'm ruthless/ I plan to do it
this until I'm toothless & dying/ see I've realized it now, that most of my pals/ will never get the
chance to see what they were dreaming about/ well look at me, I must be a nightmare for those/
who were right there, so close, not close enough to see/ may you live vicariously, if you helped
me on my feet, know i'ma be there for you for, always around/ ironically the honesty is profound/
It's the ones that left me on the ground that don't fuck with me now/ die slows brothers, die
painfully/ I'm in the, back of my mind this ain't a thing to me/
I'm trying to be a better person, the more I get ahead I worsen/ I use to have a higher tolerance
for when people be talking shit/ now I just put them on mute when they're cursing/ I know we ain't
perfect but I try to be above stooping low/ negativity ain't worth the exertion/ but lately the
thoughts in the back of my brain that i contain/ be leaking out, I'm speaking out through these
verses/ this is what it is, cut throat is the biz/ you either hold the knife or hold the wound, I'm
trying to live/ my competitions in need of no help, they're good at killing them selves/ but I assist
them, cause I hate to see them bleeding on shelves/ I'm pretty selfish & I know it, i do my best
not to show it/ sometimes though I can't control it, i let it go & expose it/ I say some shit that's
insulting & proud that I am the culprit/ & hope you find it revolting, that what's from the back of
my mind/
Track Name: Tomorrow Today (Tangible Dream)
Motivated by fear, it ain't the best but it works for me/ being like the rest is like the worst to me/
know that I have ideas, & I'm trying to bring them to life/ but no plan is executed perfectly/ my
niggas want travel, the world they wanna see/ but they don't own a jet, so they think it ain't meant
to be/ my niggas love to drink, they smoke a lot weed/ I told them if they saved what they were
blowing they could flee/ this a tangible dream, nas said it ain't tell/ but I'm the one this beat/ Odd
said it ain't hard to reach/ manifesting destiny I'm making that my specialty/ I'm chef'ing recipes
to get the best of me/ lesser me ain't worthy of existing in the present/ that nigga had me
messing with some shit that had me stressing/ the future me done been through everything that
I'm expecting/ he told me, holler at me in the past to get a lesson/
Right now I'm chilling, later on the same/ no I can't complain, right now I'm winning/ a killing's
what i'ma make, for the sake of living/ taking it to the top, I'ma own all the building/ found a
women I love, i'ma give her some children/ what she gives me is great, she's my friend & my
mate/ i'ma repay the feeling, intertwining our fates/ put a ring on her finger, bouncing on her I
ain't/ growing up is hard as fuck/ dodging it, yeah my guard was up/ gotta take some jabs if you
want to handle a harder punch/ quick to knock you down if your outer's sound, but your heart is
mush/ not enough to talk if your bite ain't as tough as your bark/ use to love the past, loath the
present, hate the future/ guess I just got use to rolling with it like a trooper/ ceilings made of glass
are in the scope of what I shoot for/ & when I get it to crack, another level's is the new goal/
See me running for the sun, being burnt out's the only way I know I'm done/ got to take a break
I'm still awake it's after one/ but what I do ain't work it's all in fun/ but keeping it that way is where
the secret it/ deeply hidden from tons/ the lucky few to peep it, I'm among/ never take for granted
opportunities I'm handed/ & if it's within my means, I'll go above what I was planning/ I walk along
the line between, manage & panic/ frantically working, sometimes relaxing is a challenge/ you
see I make these beats in my computer though/ writing in my phone so, everywhere I go is like
my studio/ always feel at home when roaming around the planet/ a road is just a road, the
traveler makes the vantage/ my future's looking good & my present's in good standing/ the past
is in the past, so/ I think I'm ready for tomorrow today/
Track Name: Outro Flow feat. Toine & Trek Life (Tangible Dream)
Most of my fans say that I'm undrated/ I put myself within the box amongst the ones who made it/
among the greatest & the latest at the same time/ I'm killing stages with your favorites & evading
shine/ me I'm fine with the position that I'm in/ but my listeners think I should be positioned in the
ten/ top fives, number ones all the awards/ & all the shit that comes with it, that I tend to ignore/
this is classic over fashion, lasting over passing, passion over niggas who just do it for reactions/
I may not ever be on BET at a show/ but I done seen the fucking globe so fuck excepting some
gold/ fuck your VIP parties I'd rather chill on my sofa/ smoke some shisha, my feet up, my lady
bout to come over/ no chips upon my shoulder, I'm speaking on how I how I feel/ my nigga good
for real/ I got a house, & a fridge full of meals, a lot of time I could kill/ my nigga im good for real/
Track Name: Bonus Flow feat. Diamond District (Tangible Dream)
Get ready its heavy
Its deadly its 70's
80's 90's relivant
Ever since heaven sent
Evidence better men
Lettem in
Better get ediquite
Stepping in my city
Crack right up the block from the president
Smell it as soon as you step in it
(you smell that shit?) yup their it is
the block is a mother
Thats seragate parents get
Overshadowed by arrogant
Concrete blvd avenues terraces
Howard u to the home of the terrapins
Never get shit twisted
Cuz it will be off with your head and it
Wont be easy tryna put on your head again
U gon feel this
Killaz gorrillaz
We The trillest
The villans
The sickest
They said that i couldnt
But look at the way that i did it
The picture we painted bout life
Comin up right here in the district
We made it kool for k dot to do what he do
Oddisee better than kanye too
real dc nigga not that other shit
Before rap was in the trap my gun was the publicist
After al po you couldnt come to my city
And you aint know who wayne perry was before jay said it
With one album we went to number 1 in the city
we funtionally disfunctional you let them tell it
Oh i know you aint think the brothers were thru
Fuck it we better than all yall 2
Call yall crew trap rap thats all yall do
This mac n my back pack
Will make u call out truce
This what they wanted... uppercuts to they stomach, yup yo ass get busted on the mic whenever
we touch it
Look what them suckas loving that shit that ain't sayin nuffin
Haha I get to chuckling like fuck em we way above em
Sumthin comin wit that substance & crushin and that's how we does it
Do this rulers u foolish we finish fellas for fronting
I'm from where dollars are printed
And many monuments in it
Senate be signing shit that determine how we be living
And if u bullshitting, they gettin yo paper properly like monopoly
So if u dont save up neighbor,wake up u got to leave
Potna if u do not agree then have alotta cheeze
Or else it is officer please take these cuff off of me
The talk is cheap, less lippin, better we all would be
Listen if the Diamond District is what yall want to see
We stalk the beat so awkwardly, like all of dem raw emcees
So What up, put an apostrophe after the awesome three
Prodigal sons of the city returning/ from the ashes where we rose when the city was burning/
from the riots in the streets to the streets that be quite/ the city's ours, you don't believe me,
come meet me & try it/ I know y'all mad that a nigga from the county be repping/ the entire city I
do it better without a question/ if you don't like it, I'm sorry you niggas sorry/ & my shit is absolute
& you prolly/ aye, let me kill these niggas mo, let me dig these ditches mo/ let burn these bridges
mo, I don't need these niggas mo/ something they already though, so they say that we cool/ you
don't fuck with me, my nigga I don't fuck with you/ don't try to be difficult, go on step aside/
Diamond District's the crew & for the city we provide/ taking it internation