by Chris Rivers

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    releases August 16, 2019

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Mother Of God
Perfect (feat. Oswin Benjamin)
Trick (feat. Anthiny King)
Damaged Goods
Don't Change (feat. Anthiny King)
Wolf Mode
Light (feat. Anthiny King & Oswin Benjamin)
The Super Black Chronicles
N.A.S.A. (feat. Oswin Benjamin)
Affirmations Pt. 1
In The Morning
Affirmations Pt. 2
G.O.D. (feat. OCD)
Birds (feat. Avery)


“G.I.T.U., an acronym for Greatest In The Universe. The title encompasses the feeling this body of work for me. It’s my life experiences, my loves and losses, my stories about overcoming obstacles both external and internal, while learning to love myself and becoming the best version of me. Both as a person and as an artist I tried to push my boundaries and expand my limitations. Everyone’s world is their own, everyone has their own universe that they are in control of, this is mine. I’m the G.I.T.U.” – Chris Rivers


releases August 16, 2019

Mixed by Rod The Producer, Jamison Leff, Bingx, & Adrian "The Boss" Brown
Mastered by Rod The Producer
Recorded by Rod The Producer & Chris Rivers
Recorded at the Mes Hall

Graphic Design by Airmagination & Austin Hart
Cover Art by Ariel Colon of Airmagination
Photography by 36DView

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Sincerely Me
“Sincerely Me”

And No matter what you do

I still rather be here with you

I hope that you know this

Though I didn’t show it

I look everywhere and all I see is you

Hey dad I really miss ya

If you was right here

I probably kiss ya

Fuck all that masculinity shit

I ain’t see you since I was a kid

And I forgave all the shit that you did

Hope that you’re good wherever that is

Momma good it just makes me sad that sometimes she ain’t find herself

And I feel bad cause I been lost And I don’t find that much time to help

The girls are strong but it’s the world and they have mentally declining health

And I wish that you was here cause I could really use somebodies help

And No matter what you do

I still rather be here with you

I hope that you know this

Though I didn’t show it

I look everywhere and all I see is you

Ps I’m I’m innocent

Know that this claim is legitimate

I Carried guilt and I lived with it

Remember that time that you sat me down and told me you was daddy now

But if something happened then you pass it down

As the only boy I’ll take action how

Did you expect that of a six year old

And I respected that but I missed my goal

We was in the shivering cold

Making wishes til wishing got old

Home invasions cause Nighas got bold

We just laid their wishing they’d go

Aliens made it cause daddy phoned home

I learned to hit on these girls on my own

I never learned that this world was own

Wish you was here to see how much I’ve grown

Cause No matter what you do

I still rather be here with you

I hope that you know this

Though I didn’t show it

I look everywhere and all I see is you

I started rapping now

And your boy nice like jesus was

Getting chased by beezlebub

Clout chasers wanna be with us

Had to learn how to peep who’s friends or fans

When I was learning how to read and stuff

But if I could wish for a life to live it’ll be this twice

Cause If I was rich I wouldn’t learn what priceless is

And man was we poor

While the world thought we was ballin

The bill collectors just called

Shit mamma strong but she ballin

And most these Nighas you loved , shit I ain’t see them at all since you was met by your judge , and court cases they stalled in

I just hope you know

Your boy stronger now

And though our family suffered

It is no longer how

I’ll use the strength I muster

Then I could call you proud

It be nice to hug ya , and tell you how much I love you

Sincerely me

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