Hometown Foreigner

by Trek Life

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(free) 03:26


produced, mixed, and mastered by DUKE WESTLAKE


released April 2, 2013

Hometown Foreigner represents the ideology of being "so close, yet so far" & the feeling of "not quite fitting in" though you're not a stranger. As a man and an artist my more recent experiences have been living slightly on the outside of things. We all have areas in our lives where we feel this way. That’s the Hometown Foreigner.”


Trek Life is one of the unsung heroes of California rap. He came up with Bishop Lamont, Evidence, DJ Babu, Blu and a bevy of other talented DJs, producers, and emcees (before anyone knew who they were). He's done entire projects with long time friend Oddisee. His music has taken him around the world more than a few times, even having toured with label mates Diamond District throughout Europe. Trek, always soft spoken about his accomplishments, wouldn't tell you all this himself but he even got in on the ground floor of licensing in Hip-Hop music - being the first mc to do work for a McDonalds' commercial, placing music in numerous shows on MTV, Showtime, and even Breaking Bad. Last year Trek Life got the invite to preform at Paid Dues - a highlight for any emcee, let alone a California native.

Trek Life third official album is titled "Hometown Foreigner." The new project is as unassuming as the veteran emcee's demeanor in real life, yet as worthy of praise as any album in the West. The project centers around Trek's place today as a man, being in the center of so much (California can do that) and yet feeling just outside - the hometown foreigner. The album's tracks are a fresh perspective on Hip-Hop themes including an examination of Hip-Hop values, the love of music, being a street casualty, and of course, living in the middle of it all and still being on the edge. Produced entirely by up and coming producer Duke Westlake, the record also features Oddisee, yU, Belvi, FunkLogik, DJ Buddy, Hawdwerk, GMK, Bishop Lamont, Hezekiah, Sean Wyze, and Richard Wright. Duke also mixed and mastered the album, showcasing just how talented he is in the realm of music.


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Track Name: Intro
How many rhymes I gotta write for ya'll?
Spit fire & re-enlighten ya'll
Drop a brand new album & re-ignite the raw
Me & Tommy back on the road not even slightly flawed
It's super Cali time
Without the fradalistic
Fraudulent shit
Years later niggas is actin different
I guess the fame'll have a rapper trippin
My brother told me
Never ever react to bitches
And so I can not will not wont do what they do
Check the stats homie my legend is not a fable
While you publicist made you and soon you'll be played dude
Plus you lightweight drink your crew under the table
But yo, I wrote this rhyme in the cov all day
Bumpin Blakface Hawdwerk Jansport j
Delta 9, Sean Wyze
Poetic Force, propaganda
NHI we on the rise
Kept my eye on the prize required the steady grind
Told my people we would make it one fan at a time
That was the mission
Behind the spitting
And now I'm trippin'
Watching it all take place and come into fruition
And yo I hate a wack jam
The same way that Oprah Winfrey hate the inner city black man
That's a real lot
Its like I want em killed off
Whatever though, kick a flow, rock the show get the dough peel off
Its like a classic caper of some sort
We stack the paper just for comfort
But that ain't all that we come for
With Duke Westlake on the beat sign the check real quick
The government be ya’ boy from the 6
I’m Trek Life at your service to rip…
Track Name: What's Real (feat. yU)
"The realest thing around is love, that's real talk" - Trek Life

"y'all attract low-lifes, right now I need mo height" - yU
Track Name: Rap Time (feat. Hawdwerk & Bishop Lamont)
Trek Life
Your albums are dope rap deficient
Them beats sound like they eaten yo ass alive
I swear to God you shouldn't have a fan that exist
And ya'll don't wanna see my tribe like we canibalistic
If you but any microphone near my hand ima rip it straight up Infirmary style all my soldiers is the illest
With no known cure or vaccine man we villains
In your system taken over like addiction
Ladies love the diction
No pun intended
Y'all went for the sprint and, your campaign is winded
Tried to buy the love spending cash on a friendslist
But money can't cover up the fact you ain't gifted
Who me I'm like christmas, Hanukkah & kwanza
I son y'all daily man I'm kinda like your father
10 steps beyond ya
Leave you GI Janes and Jane Fonda's with broken down rap lives to ponder
Track Name: Happy Everyday (feat. Richard Wright & Sean Wyze)
You should wanna be happy like everyday
Totally fullfilled content in every way
Eyes open just excited to be awake
Creating memories with people you cant replace
And its that easy
So why we make it so difficult
Its like we be
Making up things to be tripping on
Worlds revolve around
Problems we cant solve
Most of those things we can ignore to resolve
What if you tried things a different way?
And danced in the rain those dark clouds percipitate
Consider time too valuable to put to waste
And focused on the things you enjoy instead of bitching, wait
it's easy to complain but better to fix and even
Better to sustain a relative mix of
life is what you make take advantage type thinking
I know I'm sounding preachy
But really let it sink in
Cuz some a y'all is drowning in shallow ass water
That you can rise above the very minute that you start
Realizing that your happiness remains in your heart and can't be given by a person or taken all apart
By somebody who ain't you that's all I gotta say
I take responsibility when y'all press play
So when I take my breathe and in the ground I lay
Let it read he wasn't perfect but he strived to be Happy Everyday...

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