Take Your Time

by Blakk Soul

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[Verse 1] Free your stress (Free your stress) Make time for you They don’t care (They don’t care) If it’s not for them This is true [Vamp] Push through Push past Unlearn Unmask Heal your heart Free your soul Live life and grow [Chorus] Take your time Make love, make love All night Spark your fire Vibrate higher (repeat) (Verse, Vamp, Chorus repeats)
[Chorus] Why these niggas always hating on me Keep it cool I just want to chill and smoke And sip good Why these niggas always hating on me Keep it cool Before I black out (Black out black out) [Verse 1: Blakk Soul] Break it down and roll it up Plotting on a million bucks Til a million ain’t enough Double back and triple up Niggas be hating on a real one Trying to fuck up a play for a real one No sweat it’s the game for a real one Can’t stand when you win where they come from [Vamp] Participate if you want to see change If you sit on your broke ass What do you think’s go’n change Move your shit to the right On go in this fast lane On God we go’n run it up (2x) On God [Chorus] [Verse 2: Nana] If I never follow my dreams how will I know If I get buried today how will I grow A jump shot or pump rock my only hope Will I be content and satisfied the life I chose Full of fake friends calling me bros but really foes Trying to stay afloat They poke holes all in my boat Destiny to be a goat My account say I’m broke On a slope And I’m hanging by a rope On God [Chorus]
Free 02:28 video
[Verse] Not ‘til hell freezes cold Or my tears turn to gold The police switch on their own I know I’ll never, I’ll never fold (no, no) Sometimes life hits you fast Sometimes love hits you fast And you swerve and you crash Now you don’t know, where to go Sometimes we can’t see Our change is here until leaves leave the tree Sometimes we get weighed Down by the burdens Life’s about learning to set yourself free [Chorus] You can find free Set your mind free Set your heart free Set your love free [Verse 2] Precipitation Cleanses the soul Raise your vibration Never let go Make it spill [Vamp] You’ve got to find your freedom (3x) [Chorus]
[Verse: Blakk Soul] Why they got to make it so hard for a nigga To build up and get it how he live Doing what we want for a living But if it was easy then everyone Would be on I figure (but shit) Is something so wrong with everyone being on my nigga I fuck with having us all be winners (yeah yeah) [Vamp] Pace yourself Don’t ever let your ego Make you think you need no Everybody needs some help You got to pace yourself Don’t ever let your ego Make you think you need no Everybody needs some help From time to time [Chorus] Take a good look in the mirror Everybody needs some (help) Everybody needs some (help) Take a good look in the sky Everybody needs some Everybody needs some Everybody needs some help [Verse 2: Joell Ortiz] Show me somebody that did it all alone I’ll wait See y’all just know the face The smile that you embrace Y’all don’t know that machine behind the scenes Making sure everything is straight Not to mention a Man upstairs may we say grace Thanks for the mistakes Thanks for things that went great Thanks for food on this plate The whole room just ate Thanks for appearing in this verse My whole mood is straight Okay now wait I’m not saying I’m the king of this here jungle But I survive like every rumble And I’m alive if I must scuffle Once again my friend It’s not cause I’m the strongest slugger It’s cause I don’t fight alone I know that strength it comes in numbers So if you lace them up with me You got to lace up with my brothers The ones in office suits and yup the ones still in the gutter That love for one another is a must It can’t just be all you The most important you Is in us [Vamp] [Chorus 2x]
Hurt People 02:11
[Verse] People Tend to make love So hard Love ain’t hard You know [Vamp] Perfect ain’t real Real’s only right Long as we know Long as we know [Chorus] Hurt People, hurt people Hurt People, hurt people Hurt People, hurt people Hurt People, hurt people [Verse 2] Love is What it should be Don’t think Think too hard You got to know [Vamp] [Chorus]
Tasty 02:57
[Verse] You know it’s nothing to pull and fuck If you really want to do it I’m leaving the studio in 30 And we’re fin to make a movie You’ve been eating your fruit I know it By the way you’re talking to me I know you gon taste good So make sure you keep it juicy [Vamp] You say what I give you is not the same love You sick of them niggas playing games love They play they play they play they play I just want to make that pussy sang Something like La la laa la la la la (that’s right) I just love how it tastes That juicy fruit spilling all over my face It tastes so [Chorus] Tasty Ooo oh it’s those panty drawls Make me want to have it all Want to live deep in those walls Tasty Oo hoo hoo It’s so good to me Give a nigga cold relief I want to swim deep [Verse 2] I love it We be bow flex fucking Spread out over covers I dig you know Love it when you act a ho Only for me though Cause you know we’re both too scared to let go Some shit hard to look past Like that unbelievable ass The way she flex it so impressive Almost made me a dad I’m a fool with it so I never let that girl get the best of me It’s more than sex to me Fucking like a fantasy [Vamp] [Chorus]
Tap Out 02:47
[Verse] Told me you love me Don’t love me like you say I was out here trying to get it for us Show you a life you ain’t lived before Matching toes, fingernails and bags for days Pick a place you always dreamed of All we needed was a reason [vamp] You wasn’t used to that raw I served you You wasn’t used to that pain that pleased you You was used to them niggas running their mouths But I was only used to you running when I made you Tap out [Chorus] You love when that pussy tap out I know that’s what makes you act out Hit me when you want that max out Cause you love it, I love it Watch me make that pussy tap out You know how a nigga act out Hennessy and ‘tron that max out Max out tap out [verse 2] I know you love the way I put it on you Feed your mind something them lames can’t do Feed your soul something them lames can’t do And when I hit it know I’m going to hit it like A real one do You were sick of that lame shit All the fake game shit Came with that real shit And now you can’t quit You were so broken I came and fixed it Now we’re invincible All we need is a little more Cause you [Vamp] [Chorus]
Wet 03:47
[verse] I call her Aquafina Cause she got all the drip I’m knowing what she’s needing To make that body feel [Vamp] So invested So protected Girl let’s get faded Only thing changing up Is the positions I’m on a mission To give your body Everything you need at night [Chorus] She gon put that wet wet on me She gon put that wet wet on me She gon put that wet wet on me (yeah) Cause some hood shit’s what you need To turn you to a freak and make you wanna Put that little wet wet on me [Verse 2] Fast or slow Trained to go no matter what vibe Your curves complimented in these lights Ain’t no love a perfect love But when it’s done right It’s my pleasure to make your body feel [Vamp] [Chorus] [Breakdown]
[Verse: Amaal] Love how when you look at me It’s still the same From the first day that we met It’s never changed Turn away from all the things That brought us pain Finally committed Pull me in closer I’m feeling so safe [Vamp] Got me open like the ocean Watch it flow babe Lay me down and don’t be scared To take a swim baby [Chorus] I love it when our hearts beat at the same time Lost in us So good, so hard to find Wish we could never stop (Break and press rewind) Wish we could never stop (Break and press rewind) [Verse 2: Blakk Soul] Can I get this off my chest I’m not my best Unless your next to me Feeling so lost When you’re away from me Crazy I still feel the grip of your energy In love with our chemistry Tell me you got me [Vamp] [Chorus 2x]
Dangerous 02:21
[Poem] [Chorus] Searching your phone When you Dripping like water Touching your faucet Cause you need it You know you so loyal That’s why I pull up and show out [Verse] Somebody save me Watching you get off That drives me crazy This shit ain’t love its addiction Pull up on you take your skirt off Hands in the air take my shirt off Legs on my shoulders with no pause Yelling like you ain’t got no walls I beat it down til it’s no walls No walls no No connection the same as this one This shit is dangerous Ain’t no replacing Hearts when they’re tainted yeah [Poem] [Chorus]
Smoke N Chill (free) 03:02
[Verse] Too much in your head don’t trip You ain’t got to second guess Let the pre roll hit your lips Vibe vibe [vamp] Babe the low lit Low lit vibrations got me all in the matrix Save some for later To revisit the flavor We don’t have to do much We can [Chorus] Smoke, Chill Smoke, Chill Smoke, Chill Smoke, Chill, Chill [Verse 2] Couple little puffs of the OG got you right Merlot or Sweet Red Whatever you like We can chill and watch a movie Chilling always make it juicy If it’s too much you can seduce me I don’t, don’t mind [Vamp] [Chorus]
[Verse 1: Blakk Soul] Tell me how you really feel Backseat of the truck what’s up I know that you like to fuck I know that you hate to rush Faded we be so caught up Anywhere is good enough Stumbling up the stairs This gon be some freaky shit I know You say daddy Put it anywhere [Chorus] Put my lips on everything I see calling out for me If heaven could ever dream It would be about the love you give to me Squeeze me in and don’t let go I don’t want to pull it out and stop the show This shit lit as fuck on me We be painting pictures like it’s ‘93 [Verse 2: Cocoa Sarai] I think I think I think Think I’m jealous of our silhouette It gets wetter just don’t let up Right there you the best Spread eagle on the counter Oops I made a mess Touch me, taste me, tease me (ooo) Return the favor Lick that right up off your lips Ooo you’re my favorite flavor Baby I cannot resist Straddle it I’m with the shit All night I can’t wait to [Chorus] [Musical break] [Chorus]


HipHopDX says:
"Hailing from Tacoma, Washington, Blakk Soul has had to work tirelessly to make his mark.

Managed by Little Brother MC Rapper Big Pooh, he’s had the chance to pen songs and perform background vocals for artists such as Playboi Carti, Dr. Dre, Macklemore, Anderson .Paak, Jake One and more.

The R&B/soul singer’s journey ultimately took him to Mello Music Group where he’s found a home on the imprint’s roster. Now, the gifted artist has nabbed Hip Hop vet Joell Ortiz for a new single called “Help,” which is taken from Blakk Soul’s forthcoming album Take Your Time."


"Take Your Time" is Blakk Soul's MMG debut and is as musically sophisticated and seasoned as any in the genre. The record's sultry melodies are colorful and refreshing, a dripping wet bedroom masterpiece that combines RnB, NeoSoul, and Hiphop rhythms to perfection. Step into the luxurious RnB of Blakk Soul.


released May 8, 2020

Producers: Wyldfyer, Aayhasis, Kuddie Fresh, Gerson Zaragoza, J. LBS, Qbeats, Blakk Soul, DrewsThatDude, Yusei, Vohn Beatz & Symbolyc One

Featuring: Nana, Marcus Paul, Joell Ortiz, Gerson Zaragoza, Amaal, & Cocoa Sarai

Recorded, Mixed & Arranged by Eric Mercer, Jr.
Mastered by Eric Mercer, Jr.

Executive Produced by Eric Mercer, Jr, Thomas Jones, Michael Tolle


all rights reserved



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