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(​(​(​age war​)​)​) | prod. ?uestlove

from (​(​(​echo chamber​)​)​) by MC Paul Barman

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(((age war)))

I’d rather be dead than afraid. I’m too set in my ways to be indirect or persuade. My point of view is true north, a gust of justice who blew forth. Confirm the old you’s new worth. (((New York))) Never underestimate the power of children. Find every adult you can and then kill them. They’re united against us. We’re fools not to unite. Yes, they out-weigh us. They tower in height. But i’d rather be dead now than cower in fright. We’re gonna die soon regardless. Let’s be free now and be godless. The hereafter’s a hustle, a fear factor, just a muzzle. Don’t be frazzled. I’m not. Because well, I’d rather be annihilated than uh-oh. The violators are cut-throat. For awhile we waited. It’s gonna take guts so I don’t scare easy. Bite the hand that feeds me death.With my last measly breath, this puny speck you’ll soon respect. With a nod and a wink I confirm that I think god is a dink. My rap’ll tell’em bout Falun Gong and Capel Calyn. I’d rather be ashes than hesitant
and cashless than president. It’s evident that to erase the past, see race and class as just a state of mind. Don’t submit to nonsense they designed. They’re too old to create the kind of world we can live in, way behind. Bozos wake up dismayed to find they betrayed their own kind. You lose your driver’s license when you’re straight-up blind. Their citizenship’s revoked. We been sticked and poked enough. They were kids’ folks once but now a sick joke. They think being called C.E.O. will make their peepee grow. They’re already dead. Mentally, a baby step from a deli spread. We’ve been born and bred to be torn to shreds. I’d rather be dead than scared. I don’t care if you’re a parent, principal, or got horns on your head. I’d rather be cremated than frightened, be hated and fight friends, than deflated at night’s end. The strongest statement schools make is, “stay indoors.” Divorced from your instincts, they win wars. It’s a spinning door to spend your resources. Unfortunately, people are beasts and ceaselessly fleece whoever’s at peace. The worst bully at school becomes the police. And given a quota of one per day, at least.

Baby boomers, drop dead yesterday or maybe sooner. Created tumors all over the globe and spread faceless rumors. It’s almost humorous, the depths of your treachery. Charge us for everything, then add an extra fee. Lecherous rapists with a measureless treasury, you’re over the hill. You lowered your skill
so we go for the kill. Why conform to survive? I’d rather put our lives in the hands of someone who’s five. Age War battle, rattle your cage door. This is what fourth grade was made for. The deck’s stacked against us so what be afraid for? Acorn, we’re completely pressed against the wall. There’s no defense but offense to all. I’d rather be “beware all ye who enter” than make like a father who makes small moves to the center which is really far right, all right here’s your new dentures. Our fleeting visit to this planet is excruciatingly exquisite. Is it never enough joy or is numbness too explicit? I’d rather die alive today than die dead in decades, a smile mile-wide on my face instead of as sex slaves. Checkmate. If you kill every child, we still hid historical essays all over the land causing permanent headaches. I’d rather die a happy kid than a sad adult. They’re lighting the oily rags on their catapult.

Unite your right with your left hand and bring sight with your breath. It’s a fight to the death.

(((note from the lost children)))

If you’re reading this, the children are gone. And you better believe those killed them are wrong. We lost a great battle in the Age War. Would you lie in your cell or rattle the cage door? We wrote this note on paper, on stone, and in scrolls. Hidden under boulders, in caves, and in holes. From shore to shore and between poles. The bible’s a mishmash of myths they brainwash you with. But the legend of hegemony ends with dead enemies. Don’t trust anyone over 12. Go for self. Overwhelm. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Not the lonely kings and staff who steer the wealth.


from (​(​(​echo chamber​)​)​), released May 18, 2018


all rights reserved



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