Keep On (feat. yU)

from by DTMD

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produced by Dunc
vocals by Toine
featuring yU (of Diamond District)

Album Available 9/20

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I asked god what he want from me
Stepped out the mirror
thought of what I really wanted to be
Thought it was clearer when this rap shit was fun to me
I mean its cool but nowadays
Its all about whatever pays comfortably
A blue collar spitter
But still more exquisite when I deliver the writtens
I can't lie to the mic, even if I'm forgiven
Too humble to say I'm the best, I just hope you listen
and suggest
niggas to pay attention
And if you mention me as your favorite emcee
Then think about this please
I'm like 20 years old, no college degree
But a hip-hop scholar when I'm rocking a beat
...So you should see how powerful the knowledge can be
I used to do it for free, but now it come with a fee
...Whatever the situation, your mind is the key
Whether you on your own shit or you following me
We keep on...

speaking god's gift
And dunc's beats be the accomplice
Writing beautiful non-sense
Cooler than James Todd Smith
And I'm doing it well
Young man living a dream
And I ain't even think about a record sale
Just getting my thoughts out
Venting a line to recline
And be fine knowing that the world is mine
God bless your life...and lookout for the signs
cause the strength of your mind is how life is defined
And sometimes I stumble
lose the hand off on a fumble
But what I mumble make niggas crumble
It get hot out here...sometimes its like a jungle
But I try to keep it chill on the humble
See the cause is more important than the effect
So a loss ain't really a death
Just another chance to prove yourself
And in the hip-hop, I lose myself
whatever confusion, its the solution
join the movement
We keep on...

For the mental plane
I get essential
The pencil
And written slang
A testament to represent
The niggas in the game
Who be filling the deficits
With excrement -- opposite
The positive acknowledge this
No need for binoculars
The third eye see too clear
You know who here?
Me & Dunc and niggas know the flow
Produce glares
But who cares
I guess that's why I write...
Sharpen up + flow it through the mic
It ain't cause I be feelin like I'm tight
But rather cats is all chatter, bout the shit that don't matter
I speak the light that make the roach scatter
So all you joke rappers
Leave the mic a loan
Just something to think about
be yourself, don't know who it is, figure it out
Makin the fly girls quiver and shout
Guru rest in peace, and never ever cease
And I be out
and keep on...


from Makin' Dollas, track released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved


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