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What It Is (Apollo Brown Remix)

from Wouldn't Change Nothing by Trek Life






6 Rock what it is?
Si what it is?
Sakoda what it is?
Phers one what it is?
Promoters get the dough right some of us got kids
Shame we got to do it to death to try to live

A real focused individual
Here to give niggas L’s
Split the money dip and bail
Long days, strong nights
I’m on stage on mics
We take initiative, lesson is sink or swim
Hold up
Homie I spit to win
Nah, I spit to live this a hobby no mo’
Retracing steps just to see I got 1000’s to go
I’m Trek Life
For the perilous quest I’m ready and set
You bare-ly fresh, that’s why the people rarely impressed
You all boring they enduring your set like; what’s next?
And I don’t claim to be less
Than the best man for the job
You mouth hustlers can stop
Speakin on it like you knowin what’s going on you misinformed
Small minded, I aint fall back, it’s all timing
And this is a rendition of unflawed rhyming
Take notes, take lessons but you’ll never take mine


D McGriff what it is?
Blue what it is?
Yo’ Aloe what it is?
Exile what it is?
Promoters get the dough right some of us got kids
Shame we got to do it to death to try to live

Tam Blue what it is?
Si what it is?
DP what it is?
Timeless what it is?
Promoters get the dough right some of us got kids
Shame we got to do it to death to try to live

Partner I am not through with this planet
I’m raining terror til my last day living Cot Damnit
I promise you real shit
Then leave a detailed hitlist
My kids will continue to do the same to your children’s, children
Nigga I aint just in it
I laid the concrete foundation to build this buildin’
Don’t conceal your yielding
Nah, do it willingly now
Clear the path make room
I’m built to last cuz I don’t do what you fake do
Ya’ll chattering
Gossipin’ hard like little old women
And if the shoe fits nigga, hit the stroll in it
You do what hoes do, but, I’ma go getter get lost
Not enough workers, everyone’s a boss
It’s a wonder ya’ll see any funds at all
And I’m supposed to let you fuck my money off?
If you aint Pac Division or Blu
Or a few other emcees
We not in the same league in Cali
That’s from Silicon to Yucca Valley
I don’t fraternize with you pack of liars don’t ask me
It’s a marathon
Goin pass me on the sprint
I promise you I’ll win in the end
And I don’t break I adjust so when you thinking he bend
I’ll be shaking out the ink in the pen rippin again
Right in front of you
Makin careers off your fear
Here’s the light to run to
And this is only the begin settle in


I’m the master cold stompin ya’ll beginners
Steady hustle we get it poppin from winter to winter
Heavy footed I’m mastodon stompin when I enter cuz failures like
Simply not an option I can consider
Get off me I’m that nigga
Vain you’ll get slain by my vernacular rap slang
What I’m saying it’s like
Hell fire and war I’m not a game
It’s real life
I weald mics to make change look
You get crushed like vegetation under African elephant feet
Your fetus rap far under developed you weak
While you embellish I energize and envelop the beat
Make it part of me Capish?
Can’t believe you got the nerve to speak to Trek Life
You Tofu niggas don’t want beef
I’m one of Cali’s elite
In towners and outta-towners get smacked to your knees
US to overseas what it is?


from Wouldn't Change Nothing, track released July 5, 2011
Vocals by Trek Life
Remix by Apollo Brown
Artwork by Alvin The 3rd


all rights reserved



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