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Central Standard Time

by Stik Figa

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Live from the middle of the ghetto and the street where they cook cocaine, keep the metal and the heat pop that thing the federal police, yea that's what it is, yea that's what it be. Raw as it get's with the awesome-est spit, ya'll call it quit still fall in the pit, it's ya boy Stik and I rock it again, while I hold time back and I'm stopping the wind. Ah, is it him? He still got it hemmed, he do what he do while y'all following trends, I say what I say like the mic is my kin, and I'm reaching in deep for the music within. Junt give you chills and it crawl in ya skin, I'm raw as it get's, I thought I'd repeat, y'all obsolete, Stik get it crunk and then knock out ya teeth on the hardest of beats. T-O-P, Memphis, Tennessee, Little Rock is with me when I sovereignly speak, got it all in my reach, so if ya'll want the beef, well the reach for your piece, piece! peace? Sensitive imminent images bending 'em back I'm sending them cats where they belong, you heard my song before, ready to spit it and murder war, MC's ain't nothing but herbivores, kicking that shit that I heard before. Unlimited vision to get what I'm getting, I stay on my pimping and hurt these foes.
It's Stik Figa Mayne, yea I'm clearing it up, had to give it to them straight, they don't hear it enough, it's all bad for these the suckers ain't no cheering them up, a bunch of curious thugs dripping their period blood. Prefer fear over love when really we big winners, ain't a dollar to my name, willing to split dinners, be it, lobster champagne, dollar menus or chicken tenders, ride til the wheels fall or we off in the Earth's center. And I don't dis niggas instead, I dismember, discharge, this weapon, disfigure, dissenters, get with that or get with this, get with the big picture, don't stop, don't quit until we get to the six figures. Mess around and get injured considered dirty and dingy, and when I kick a verse it's worth every penny, so reach into your purse whether major or indie, everybody ain't gonna love me they won't get me, but look [chorus] I'm just trying to tell them what I know, tell them where I been tell them where I'm trying to go Man look, I'm just trying to tell them what I know, tell them where I been, tell them where I'm trying to go When there's money to make, yeah, there's money to get Money to take, yeah there's money to flip Gotta take a risk scared money don't win Trying to get the quiet money so stop running your lips [Elzhi] Money didn't change me, neither success, only the fake friends, that quick to toot their own horns I'd rather make bands, that's music to my ears for years ending on a sour note, like off-key lime powder that's awfully prime time, push down your throat, so you can get a taste of what I been through, biting through the tune no fact or act to pretend you were in my New Balances while experiencing verticle, way above your head 'cause your ankles were angled verticle and you see where the scandal at but, what if you couldn't put your finger on how things got out of hand how would you handle that? Hater that could make a waiter bend a spoon at lunch while you shoot for the stars but put a crater in the moon, damn. Wish I could say that I was aiming high at my lowest point to when I fell short I had to blow this joint. Or similar to liquor just to feel buzzworthy all because ever bar that's been thrown at me was curvy. [Chorus] You see as time goes on it seems that I'm less eager, guess experience is really the best teacher, they say times money but you ain't invest either, so I had to go get it can't wait on the Tech feature. Never had a lot I never got a lot to lose, everybody thirsty and really they ain't got the juice, and everyone an expert but really they ain't got a clue, I'm nothing like 'Pac I'm probably more like Posdnuos. Struck gold, I don't know if I'm getting close, play position was never fitting into a role, one of one, maybe one day you get a clone, just know that eagles don't fit in pigeon holes. Eat crow I never rode on a coat tail, and watch close they really hope that your boy fail, I been dope, they been lame so 'oh well', and hope floats so fuck fame that boat sailed. [Chorus]
[Chorus] One upon a time on the J Block yo! my homies had to get the dough Once upon a time on the J Block yo! the homies hit the liquor store see we was kids so many loss innocence caught feelings, caught charges caught sentences good catching up but what's worth remembering ? letting go of yesterday even tomorrow's different Bruce Wayne dark nights during car rides, bumpy roads sharp rights on apartheid, round the corner from poverty and hard times, boys taking shots like paparazzi at bar fights. Still black lives going for cheap, tributes with lip service make it harder to sleep, right in the triple six, yea the mark of the beast, these crackers shooting up churches but they targeting me? Look, I been black longer than I been my first name, called nigga before a nigga ever learned names, a lot of schools underserved since the first grade, now a nigga like 'fuck school' and never learned trades. Off the porch with the flocks in his flip flops, veering left everyday a nigga pissed off, back on the block or what I'm still a chip off, between a hard place and rock but never pitched raw. All we wanted was a piece of mind, right wrongs in the dark trying to see the light, silver lining dark clouds when we see the sky, at the bottom looking up trying to see the heights, yea, all I wanted was a piece of mind, a piece, a slice of the pie that America divides, speak truth to the power ain't no need to hide, so my kids and they kids will never be denied, yeah [Chorus] Them boys in front the Dillon's with the Demi Lovato, sending clucks to the store like get me a bottle, got plenty bravado when the semi is auto, like get to the point or send me the hollow. Still, in the color section no respect for the twelve, since adolescence been neglected for real, crooked corrupt methods been expected as well, many deceptions exceptions I recollect for myself. Extremes, heaven or hell, or weapons and shells, department of corrections maybe references jail, indictments, with lack of evidence, expected to fail, innocent, guilty, alleged, man a blessing would help, brown paper bags or your check in the mail, connections with the Mexicans, what's left on the scale, death before the dishonor, all that's left is betrayal, empathy, indifference, loyalty, we stressed in a cell. [Chrous]
This game, this world (repeat) Aint letting a sucker disturb my sleep, say it to my face if them words is deep, or I can't even take it personally, you dealing with issues internally. He talking so tough wouldn't hurt a flea, some of them rats even worse police, got money to make ain't concerned with beef, got babies and family I work to feed, you dealing with giants I'm Hercules, grown folk talk wait your turn to speak, pull down your skirt take your purse and leave, and get off my dick, probably hurt your knees. Put in the work and I earned my keep, four-alarm blaze emergency, he ain't getting burn and his verses weak, so why they be calling him 3rd Degree? Still sucker free with the sucker repellent, you ain't the only one in touch with a felon, big dog in the yard and you tucking you tail in, you tough as a titty, tough as your nail is. Man who is you telling? I'm telling the truth, you tell on your niggas then fail to produce no XXL but excel in the booth, beats in the coffin and nails in the roof. [Chrorus] These niggas is petty bro, we fonkin' then let me know, then back to my schedule, taking it slow chasin' fetti tho' (repeat 2x) This game, this world (repeat 2x) These suckas be lying bout whipping the work, these suckas be lying bout flipping a bird, say that they pimping ain't living a word, say that they balling like Pippen and Bird, they keep on lying bout this and the third, these suckas they really just get on my nerve, you ain't from the bricks and you live in the 'burbs, claiming these hoods and ain't been to the turf, boy you need Jesus man get to the church, boy you need Jesus just get to the church, it's twenty-sixteen just admit you a nerd, twenty sixteen just admit you a nerd [Chorus]
[Chorus] Rap like this rap like this, nope, they can't rap like this. Rap like this I rap like this, yup, no they can't rap like him. Rap like this can't rap for free. Rap for free? need cash to eat. So, I, tax a fee, can't rap for free no. [Homeboy Sandman] Dehydrated from crocodile tears, I'm on Stones Throw, peace to Mello and Rhymesayers. We the best, this Stik and Quelle place I be the guest. Broadcasting from a depth that's anybody's guess, my arms are yet against, these tricks are things I learned in special ed. Delivered into a special blend and laid out in a never-ending spread, that started with the slice of a mosquito bite I scratched until it bled. Don't say 'yuck' say 'what's up! I write off ancient histories and mix three different teas, and known for harmonizing different tones and different keys, and finding missing seeds. I spotted on a milk carton to proud to beg pardon, if you don't get it you don't get bargains. I leave a carbon footprint the shape of a woodwind instrument, no event where I'm around ever went down without incident [chrous] [Quelle Chris] You trap like the A, lean like the H bang like LA, you visit the Bay now Mac Dre was the greatest to do it, On Dilla Day you claim the first nigga banging his music, before it was cool, you dont even rap, your ghostwriter rap, and he rap your raps better than you, you got no style, you say you the future, you sound like now, you sounding like Future, you ripping off styles, that MLK Ultra who shot ya? What type of camera for what publication? The hairstyles buggin' the press is amazing. Don't ask bout the music, who cares bout the music? We push it they play it we keep the shit moving. What's poppin' my paparazzi, cracking my crack baby? What's trending my minion? What's happenin'? old re-runs I get it. You hot for the minute cause you copy what's hot for the minute, trying to hop to the top of the popular charts. I dig it, don't rap like this, ho! You rap like this stay in your lane, bro. Write with the lames you used to be dope, what changed? Guess to eat you gotta bite is the name of the game. Keeping it G, keep nig-a-ro please on tap. That Savion Glover turn Man Tan money no lack. We gas face fellas like dust to umbrella's you wish, to rap like this go backpack this, can't rap like this, please. [Stik Figa] Might make a masterpiece with Master P, on Mello Music Group package it for mass release. Massive reach, each atom in my anatomy was pulled in Adam's eve, I walk a path no man can lead. They asking me "Brodie, what's the strategy?" or "Homie, what's happening when you catch the beat?" The game to be sold without the batteries, if I say anymore that'd be a data breach. I make a racket cause cats is half asleep judging books by covers, even the graphic tee. I'd rather have me a ratchet with a tacky weave than a pageant queen that was in a fashion magazine. Now hand me the cash don't try and flatter me, I'm just staying active hardly past my peak. You lack a leg to stand on, I had to speak laughing at theses amputee's saying that they ran the streets. [Chorus]
So is ya in or you out, I need to know is ya in or you out, I get the ends then I'm out, I get the ends then Im... I got some idioms for idiots if anybody's interested, there's no "I" in team but there's like two in "limitless" the insignificant would rather illustrate with ignorance and instigate with iodized salt, just to get in the mix. Did I announce I'm out and out the best around? Out of this world the rest of ya'll aint been out of town. I would of bought a pound of cure but they was all out, settled on an ounce of prevention, God, good looking out. No time to lounge instead I'm inquisitive, insisted on alliteration for the illiterates, is that insensitive don't mean to be disingenuous, guilty til proven innocent especially if you indigent. Memphis indigenous, like Ball and 'G I'm Comin' Out, you on the couch or on the porch I'm out the house. If times money it's of the essence you runnin' out, I'm saving mine, might be a time I'm down and out. I don't go out, I'm introverted and introspective, in my own world when I'm stuck at the intersection, in an instant I reflect on my indiscretions, swallow bitter pills and probably be getting indigestion. Since my inception I feel like I'm the outcast , Dre and Antwan the outlier that outlast, these rappers outta bounds without a doubt put out trash, cause a car and outfit these ho's is putting out fast, but.... Is you in or you out, aye, so is you in or you out, check, I get the ends then I'm out, I get the ends then I'm out...
Yea, Seventy-Eight point Five radio, with the boy, this the quiet storm, D/Will with me, we wanna ask our listeners one question [Chorus] Is it love? Is it love? Or the idea of being in love, and when it's tough, and when it's tough, is that same love even enough. Where the love? What's love? Cause I really don't see it as much. I got love, I got love, I'm just hoping that that's reason enough. I'm saying, can we pick up where we left off? That part where you taking your dress off? Running from the D girl you bet not, morning came couldn't rest in the wet spot. I thought it started of innocuous, she was low key ain't looking for an audience, but still, she had a quiet confidence, I offered her a shot of Henn, she probably thinking "Not Again" By the nights end it's "OHHH Boy you ought to quit" We touching on topics like God and politics, she bought a Prius wishes that she got a Benz, heading out the back but forgetting that she brought her friend. Started off hot, on love seats and ottomans, now it's gone cold on the couch, what the problem is? On again off again, home is where the drama is, trying to be honest with these memories and monuments. [Chorus] So now there's knots in my stomach must be something I ate, not what's between your legs babe but what's on my plate, I'm sorry, not sorry, I'm not one for the chase, another pointless exercise got me running in place. Happens to the best of us, happens to worst of us, broad daylight with a Mag light on search for love, fall on deaf ears, some say they've heard enough, and this for last call, when you done turning up. Communication be the root of a lot of it, signals get mixed, getting crossed and can't comprehend, drifting apart, it wasn't ever obvious, so now you stepping out forgetting the consequence. Broken promises making the love posthumous, with betrayl in the air and she caught a whiff, needed proof at the clinic with the documents, got burned and the test read positive. This for the ladies that know that they deserve better, want a confidant, a lover and protector, to a cold heavy heart where these words tethered, asked for more effort, but got Chanel leather, that ain't love [Chorus] Where the love at? (repeat to fade)
Look, was never lyrical but read a couple books, was more than criminal I empathized with crooks, life give the minimal so scraps is what we took, s o when it's critical no time to be shook. Ain't say I'm hood but my neighbors ain't invite me in, made them uncomfortable I used to wish for lighter skin, I used to hate myself my mind was sick is my defense, low self-esteem not aligning more with righteous men. Since Tiwanne died my mind kind of switched, another homicide lied on the dry cement, I couldn't even cry all I wanted was revenge, some wounds never heal, even time couldn't fix. The tide I'm against in a ship ready to capsize, in troubled water's I guess I'm getting baptized, as for forgiveness for every time that I backslide, would be a miracle drown in hate for the last time. [Chorus] Holding back tears, going back years, ain't want to feel pain, I let go of that fear, I been holding back tears (repeat 2x) Look, was never any good with matters of the heart, don't hand me yours if you been fragile from the start, not skilled in discipline or mastering the art, designer fabrics are more flattering with scars. I'm a flawed man, ah man, look, glad my salvation wasn't left into y'all hands, if you ain't never had to scrape, scratch or crawl man, I don't need your opinion cause you an off brand. Now try and picture my frame of mind, portraits develop in dark rooms it's taking time, a fine craft on display with a great design, often at a loss for words but I can make it rhyme. I'm guess I'm saying that I'm on a soul search, and when all that glitters ain't gold barely denotes worth, numb the pain the liquor says that it don't hurt, holding back tears I pray to God that I don't burst [Chorus] [2nd Chorus] Bear the burden, share the sermon, tell the truth then, share my purpose the times now it's never been more urgent (2x) I been holding back tears
[Rappin' 4-Tay] Hello, roll up, hold up, Stik Figa, my nigga Fresh up out the Testarossa, still buzzing off that sticky green Cali doja, last night had a gang of them freaky bitches jocking, it's the player himself, going to always keep it poppin'. Ripping them off, pissing them off, scooping and talking and picking them off, six can get off, I'm kicking it off, Stik Figa my nigga, that's like JT the Bigga Figga. Six-inch stiletto's, pedal to the metal, you damn right we on a whole 'nother level, Benjamins, Franklins, Grants, Jeffersons, and tell a broke bitch, to get to stepping. Ain't no player like the one you got, another hit from the Bay, it just don't stop, macking like this ain't easy, she said it take a real player just to please me, bitch. [Chorus] Never let a sucka stress me out, players never talk down, respect the crown, had to put it in they face, they expect it now, and I don't give them nothing less when I rep the town (repeat 2x) [Stik Figa] Ya see I float like a butterfly, sting like an STD, when you pee, better check them freaks. All I have had was teeth like Ali Shaheed, on point like T-I-P, Phife Rest in Peace. See, I don't trip, maybe I'm old fashioned, got a new stitch, cut from an old fabric, tailor made fit, speak when I'm in traffic, I'm in my own lane, follow my own map then. Dripping in sauce, don't call me a lyricist, it ain't about the paper then it ain't that serious, chill and Netflix it's bliss in the ignorance until you side chick text she ain't get her period. I'm still going to drink my Henny with the Coke, I'm still gonna stack my pennies like I'm broke, and I might get chips at different on them bro, while I'm Midwest reppin' with my G from the Sco [Chorus] [Outro] Get down with the get down, that's just how a nigga get down (4x)


Every rapper is a struggle rapper. The degree of adversity changes from one tax bracket to the next, but no contract comes with immunity. The pursuit of happiness lasts as long as you do. Stik Figa has been trying to tell you for years.

Central Standard Time, the Topeka, KS native’s second official Mello Music Group release, is a meditation on struggles new, old, and eternal. Stik Figa’s rhymes remain intricate yet accessible, the words interlocking to create fresh meanings. Every verse displays his hard-won honesty. Though the pains are personal, the moments are strikingly familiar. These are the songs you play when you’re tired of being told to turn up, when you avoid your bank statement like the plague, when you still can’t shake the first time someone called you “nigger,” when another relationship has wrecked your life.

With production from venerated heavyweights like Nottz, Exile, Black Milk, and Apollo Brown, there is never a stale loop or drum pattern. Beats crafted to fry subwoofers are offset by those warm and poignant. L’Orange produced lead single “Cold,” deftly straddles that divide. Over cavernous drums and a soul-stirring sample, Stik Figa indicts posturing trap rappers with searing wit.

When he’s not dismantling the unoriginal alone, Stik Figa enlists indie luminaries Elzhi, Homeboy Sandman, and Quelle Chris. And on album closer “The Git Down,” he macks alongside Bay Area legend Rappin' 4-Tay. With each feature, the results are even more arresting.

Ultimately, Central Standard Time is a reminder that sharing our burdens helps others do the same. It’s rap as therapy, the words written to move forward. Listen and do likewise. Struggle waits for no man.


released January 27, 2017


all rights reserved



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Hiphop • Jazz • Space • Soul • Funk // SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL LIKE THE TRUTH

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